The world *is* different post election 2016

Pre-election it was impossible to predict the vote of people who wouldn’t openly admit they would vote Trump. Post-election these people are now backed and feeling validated by ~59.9M others that elected the least qualified person to office. One who has encouraged violence against entire groups of people I love.

You will never hear the words “I could never run for president” come out of my mouth ever again.

Monday I had an idea of what it would take to be president of the United States and today it’s different. Today I can be president. Thank you Secretary Clinton, Donald Trump and America for finally uncovering this truth.

In the coming weeks I’ll stand up and tell my story. The only way to move forward at this point is to stop playing the game. More than any other day in the past I will stand up for who I am, I will no longer be silent.

I will not be silent as the rights we have today are threatened.

America raised me to a double standard. They taught me that I should never walk down the street alone never dress too provocatively and never speak up when something bad happens because no one will save me.

I don’t need saving. I have the rights and the privileges afforded to me when I was born as well as for all the things I fought for every day.

And today I fight for my friends and family. Today I no longer care what people say about me. I no longer care if I’m targeted for my gender, sexual preferences, actions, words, tears or emotions. Thirty years of covering up micro cuts are over, you want me to bleed? Now I’ll let you see it.

To my friends and chosen family to my partners and my people I will stand for you.

End Part 1 in a series: My Story.

Data science lead @kaskadainc. Startup leader. Applied scientist. Engineer. Language & culture speaker. EE-PhD in DSP. Formerly #6 @textio.

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